Regan Jade | Your plastic-free lifestyle starter bundle
Your plastic-free lifestyle starter bundle, the perfect gift for Christmas, together we can make a difference creating healthy oceans and a happy planet.
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Your plastic-free lifestyle starter bundle

Your plastic-free lifestyle starter bundle

A mini bundle of the best reusable items to get you started on your plastic-free living journey.


Its here, its finally here! I’ve been thinking about putting these packs together for you for over a year now, it was a little thought in my mind repeating itself over and over for ages before it started to come to life. Even then there have been so many changes to the starter packs, I started with the idea that there was going to be everything you need in there, including a drink bottle and a reusable cup. The package was big and bulky, the postage cost was pretty high too. My mission was to make it as easy and cost effective for you so i decided it needed tweaking.. I decided to take out the bottle and the cup and downsized to a mini version to get you started.

bundle edit 2
The mini eco-bundle:

1 x reusable tote “keep the sea plastic free”
1 x stainless steel straw and straw cleaner set
1 x Medium size beeswax wrap
1 x reusable produce bag


Essentially it is a mini bundle of my favourite reusable items to get you started on your plastic-free living journey. Its the best way for you to dip your toes into plastic-free living without having to spend a fortune on jumping in the deep end. Its like testing the waters before you buy the 3 packs and 5 packs of the reusable items you think you might need.

I use these items all the time and I have sourced them from small businesses in Australia that I love and trust, as well as having the same values and passion for our oceans that I do.

reusable dolphin tote

100% Cotton Tote Bag:
I love the positive message on this tote and how damn cute is that little dolphin!
We use 8.49 billion plastic bags each year, thats one bag each every single day. Its estimated 150 million of those bags end up in our environment, the ones you see flying down the street, floating in our oceans and being mistaken for food by many marine life.

By using a reusable bag like this reusable dolphin Tote you can dramatically decrease the number of plastic disposable bags ending up in our environment, save precious resources and space in our landfills while creating a healthier looking future for our kids and grandkids.
These beautiful totes are from Joey Design Illustrations

produce bag

Produce bag:
These reusable produce bags will replace the plastic produce bags you see on the large rolls in the fruit and vegetable section of the store. They are very lightweight, super easy to use and you can tie up the edges to easily seal the bag. Once loaded with your produce they can be put straight on the scales and straight in the fridge or cupboard.

Using a reusable fruit & vegie bag can save at least 2.4 billion bags every year, based on each household using 5 non-reusable bags per week. These bags are a huge game-changer.
These beautiful bags are from Green sacks

Beeswax wrap:
These wraps are gorgeous to look at, so easy to use and smell delicious. They are an earth friendly way to replace clingwrap. They can be used to wrap vegetables, sandwiches, cheese, fruit, nuts, seeds, bread, snacks and to cover a bowl. They are hand crafted using local and sustainably farmed beeswax, tree resin, local cold pressed jojoba oil and certified organic fabric. Seriously amazing!

Cling wrap is made from PVC, pthalates are added to made it bendy and stretchy. The plastic in clingwrap contains small molecules that are free to migrate into the food it’s in contact with.  Pthalates disrupt our delicate hormones, this can cause many health issues for women and men.  You can avoid the clingwrap by using reusable beeswax wraps.
These beautiful wraps are from Bee Eco Wraps

stainless steel straw
Straw and straw cleaner:
If you are a juice or smoothie lover then you are going to love this straw. It comes with a straw cleaner too so you can get right in there and keep that little sucker as fresh as a daisy. Engraved with the words ‘choose to reuse’ these straws are an awesome reminder of the positive impact we are making by choosing to reuse.

Plastic straws are a major contributor to plastic pollution, according to the AMCS almost 90% of the marine debris found on Sydney’s beaches is plastic, mostly bottles, caps and straws. Its pretty crazy that we use these precious resources for only a few minutes and throw it away (and by ‘away’ I mean landfill, or our environment where it will take hundreds, if not thousands of years to break down).

These beautiful straws are from Rechusable

So there you have it. A mini bundle for you to dip your toes in plastic-free living, test the waters before you jump in the deep end.


What’s in the Bundle…

1 x reusable tote “keep the sea plastic free”
1 x stainless steel straw and straw cleaner set 
1 x Medium size beeswax wrap 
1 x reusable produce bag 


Price $44.95

(Includes shipping through out Australia)

By purchasing the mini eco-bundle you can be saving up to $54, I have made it super easy for you to try these new reusable items without having to commit to buying the 5 pack of produce bags and the 3 pack of beeswax wraps. By getting a sample of each of these reusables you can try them out before commiting to the packs which can save you money.

It’s what I wished was available when I first started living plastic-free and one of the reasons I have created the bundle for you. I want you to live a plastic-free lifestyle that’s easy, stylish, fun and saves you money. Best of all its creating huge positive change for your wellbeing and that of our mother earth.

I will leave you with my favourite quote which sums it up perfectly.


“Live your life as if you might die tomorrow, but look after the earth as if you will live forever” – Anonymous


If you would love to purchase one of these starter bundles to kick start your plastic-free lifestyle you can find them in the online store

Shop The Eco Collection for your plastic-free lifestyle starter bundle.

Online store is open! 

I will be adding more of my favourite individual items to the online store, these will include Reusable coffee cups, reusable drink bottles, produce bags (5 pack) and Beeswax wraps (3 pack). Is there anything else you would like to see in the store that will help you live plastic free?

Thank you for all your support, you are awesome and I have so much love for you xxx


Regan xx

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  • Megan Bowers

    December 1, 2015 at 12:11 am Reply

    Living a plastic free life is really interesting task. I started from my bathroom. it was the first step – to get rid of all the plastic packs with shampoos and conditioners. Thank you for sharing your article! Best regards!

    • Regan Taylor

      December 1, 2015 at 9:23 am Reply

      Hi Megan, Thank you for your comment, the bathroom is such a great place to start and making your own products is alot of fun 🙂 its definitely eye opening how much of whats in our bathroom cabinet is plastic.

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