Regan Jade | About Regan Jade - Ocean Warrior
I am Regan Jade, a marine biologist and eco-wellness coach. I am on a mission to improve women's health and the health of our oceans through toxic free living.
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About Regan Jade

I’m Regan Jade, Marine Biologist + Eco-Wellness Coach and I teach women how to get out of overwhelm and transition to a toxic free life that nourishes you while looking after our beautiful oceans.

I believe that our health is intrinsically connected to the health of our oceans and mother earth. I believe that transitioning to a toxic free lifestyle will not only increase your energy, make your skin glow and calm down your crazy mood swings, it will also reduce the amount of waste polluting our oceans creating a healthier planet for the next generation.   


Imagine yourself walking along your favourite beach…. The sun is shining, warming your face and shoulders, you can feel the sand beneath your toes and the salty air in your hair, you’ve got a little pep in your step and your face in beaming from ear to ear… this is your happy place, where you feel most at peace… then…. you look down…. you see plastic bottle caps…..straws…..lolly wrappers everywhere. Your nice warm happy buzz has now vanished and your feeling pissed off. “What the #@CK? Seriously…. why can’t people pick up after themselves?” Your mind flashes to your future children….. you want them to grow up being able to swim in clean oceans and run along clean beaches. You’re overwhelmed by the amount of waste that is washing up on your beach. You’re overwhelmed by the toxins in your home and what you are putting on your skin… You’re frustrated that you can’t understand the ingredients on your moisturiser and face wash. It’s all too much and you don’t know where to start to even begin to make a change.


Does this sound like you? Take a deep breath, your in the right place! I can teach you easy and sustainable ways to look after our oceans and live a toxic free life. Regan Jade is YOUR online resource for toxic free living that is healthy for you and our oceans.





Read more about my story here

I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 24 years old from the toxic lifestyle I had been living. Years of binge drinking, eating highly processed nutrient depleted food (hello, McDonald’s or Burger King at 3am after downing a couple of bottles of wine and whatever else I could get my hands on….oh and don’t forget the packet of smokes). I was so fatigued I had to drag myself out of bed, I had sore pimples cropping up all over my face because my hormones we so freaking out of whack and I was stressed to my eyeballs because I had no idea why I kept snapping at my boyfriend because my moods were out of control! I had no idea what my lifestyle was doing to my body and the lasting affects it would have on me for years to come. I had a Laparoscopy to remove the Endometriosis, my specialist told me that if I did not ditch my toxic lifestyle it would come back and it could cause infertility. Having the endometriosis was a HUGE wake up call. Endometriosis was the catalyst for me to get my shit together and learn again what was going to make my body thrive. If I didn’t listen to my body and ditch the toxins the alternative was to live a highly stressful, agonising life with endometriosis. This is when I started on my journey to toxic free living. It hasn’t been a smooth ride; there have been major bumps, u turns and road blocks along the way. But as I kept on going I noticed how my eyes became brighter, my skin started to clear up, and my hair started growing and got stronger. My nails stopped breaking and peeling. My skin looked youthful and radiant. My periods became regular and the cramping reduced to nearly nothing. There is no turning back now… Once you start feeling this good you can’t turn back. This journey has taught me how intricately linked we are to our oceans and Mother Earth. The toxins we put into our body are not only harming our hormones, they are also harming our earth. The plastic we use to store our food are not only leaching toxins into our food but once discarded can make their way into our oceans, polluting our environment.   You want to thrive! You want our oceans to thrive! Let me show you how?

TAKE 3 - A clean Beach Initiative Partnership

Take 3 Partnership

I am excited to announce I have partnered with TAKE 3 -A Clean Beach Initiative. Together we are creating a Melbourne Chapter to expand the Take 3 message.

Take 3 is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising awareness of marine debris and encourages each visitor to the beach, waterway or anywhere to simply take 3 pieces of rubbish with them when they leave.

Find out more about TAKE 3 HERE