Regan Jade | Pure planet toilet paper: Save the planet one wipe at a time (Product review)
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Pure planet toilet paper: Save the planet one wipe at a time (Product review)

Pure planet toilet paper: Save the planet one wipe at a time (Product review)

When I started my plastic-free journey, changing my toilet paper wasn’t one of the first things on my list to-do. Actually it didn’t occur to me until about 6 months in, I was taking it pretty slow (though my partner probably wouldn’t agree) changing only one or 2 things at a time. It wasn’t until one day trawling the net I spotted a plastic-free living tip “swap your plastic packaged toilet paper for paper wrapped toilet paper” Boom! It was time to find me some plastic free TP.

It wasn’t just reducing plastic that convinced me it was time to switch loo paper; here are 4 reasons why I made the switch.

1. Eliminate single use plastic: This Toilet paper comes wrapped in pretty paper packaging that you can reuse for craft and wrapping paper, you can write your to-do list on it or write a letter and send it to your mum.

2. There are fragrances and dyes in toilet paper that I didn’t want to be exposed too. It’s important to me to eliminate toxic-chemicals from my home where possible, check out Toxic-beauty part 1 and 2 for a rundown of why I avoid these.

3. The environment: This TP is made from renewable Bamboo and sugarcane, it saves trees and water. The environmental benefits are hugely important to me (probably more important than being soft). Regular toilet paper is bleached with chlorine to make it that crisp white colour; this process leaches chlorine, dioxins and furans into the air, soil and water, contaminating our food chain. This isn’t good for us and our mother earth.

4. I don’t need to leave my house: You can buy it online, this is friggin epic. How awkward is carrying a 12 pack of toilet paper home with all your other groceries? Awkward-turtle! This TP is delivered straight to your door, so convenient and it only took a few days to arrive so I was super stoked with that.


Image via Pure Planet 

Where did I find it and why I decided to give Pure Planet toilet paper a go?

Well…I had 2 rolls of loo paper left, its was critical I made a quick decision to get another supply.  Pure planet kept coming up in my Instagram feed and I thought “what the hey, let’s give it a go.”

I jumped on google and did a few backgroud checks (I’ve got to make sure where I’m putting my money is aligned to my values!) to see if It ticked all the boxes, price, environmental factors, business ethics etc. It ticked all the boxes so I ordered my first box.

I have been pleasantly surprised, I have tried a few eco-friendly TP brands before but I haven’t found one yet to be the complete package. Soft and pleasant to use with all the environmental benefits as well.



The Nitty Gritty


Pure planet , 100% Australian owned





Toilet paper created from 100% renewable bamboo and sugarcane waste.

100% Tree-free, 3 ply,
Cost: 36 rolls, 190 sheets per roll for $23.99 + postage (delivery straight to your door)

Subscription options available so you never run out, you can choose a package to suit your needs depending on how many people are living in your home.

Get crafty and recycle responsibly:

We live in a world where convenience has become the norm, disposables are everywhere and we don’t think twice about throwing something in the bin, what we don’t realise is that the item we just threw away had a massive journey before it got to us. Take plastic water bottles for example…Oil and gas have been extracted from the earth (for all the plastic bottles made in a year in the U.S it’s enough fuel to power 1 million cars… wow!) then the bottles are shipped all over the world, once they reach our hands we drink the water in a couple of minutes and then throw away the bottle without batting an eyelid. From here these precious resources end up in our landfills, oceans on our streets, maybe they will be recycled. Watch this video to blow your mind about the reality of plastic bottles.

Ok back on topic… where was I….. Toilet paper…. yes, get crafty and reuse the precious resources!

Reuse the tube: Make some pretend binoculars out of them or head to pinterest for my favourite toilet roll craft trick.
Reuse the paper wrapping: Use it as wrapping paper (xmas is just around the corner) give it to your kids to draw on, use it as note paper, write your shopping list on it. Put it in the craft box.

Both the Paper and Tube can be recycled after you have reused it a few times!


Image via Pure Planet 

Your questions answered:

Is it scratchy on your tooshy? No, it’s not… It’s dam soft….seriously… This is some soft TP.

Does it fall apart whilst in use? Nope, it’s pretty strong…no breakages here.

How does price compare to supermarket TP?  Pure planet toilet paper cost per roll $0.66 Quilton classic toilet tissue per roll 8pk $0.87, 12pk $0.50.  

The verdict: Ticks all the boxes for me, I’ll definitely keep using this Toilet paper.

What do you think of switching to eco-friendly toilet paper? Are you going to give Pure Planet a whirl? Let me know in the comments.

(p.s. I am not an affiliate of Pure Planet TP, I just want to pass on my knowledge to you so you can be empowered to make eco-friendly choices if you choose to do so.)

Regan xx

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