Regan Jade | Plastic-free Christmas Part 2: 10 Eco gift ideas, Christmas fun and what to do with all that waste…
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Plastic-free Christmas Part 2: 10 Eco gift ideas, Christmas fun and what to do with all that waste…

Plastic-free Christmas Part 2: 10 Eco gift ideas, Christmas fun and what to do with all that waste…

We all love presents (Dont we??). The best thing about Christmas is seeing all the presents under the tree and finally getting to rip off the wrapping paper to see if Santa has delivered the goods!

Are you a ripper or an un wrapper?

I used to be a ripper, and now I’m like… “Hmmm I could totally reuse this paper, I’ll unwrap carefully and put it with all my other crafty things”.

Plastic-free Christmas Part 1, was all about food,  so let delve into Plastic-free Christmas part 2: 10 eco-gift ideas, Christmas fun and what to do with all that waste.

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1: I love the idea of supporting local business, small business, start ups, social enterprises and not for profits. What local businesses are around your home town that you can support this year? My pick is gorgeous notebooks from

2: Plastic-free lifestyle starter bundle. Well of course I was going to add this little puppy into the list! Not because it’s my creation but because I love a planet friendly gift idea. Do you have a sister who only uses natural products because she doesn’t want to be exposed to toxic chemicals? Or do you have a friend who loves the beach and hates seeing the amount of trash that’s littering our beautiful coast lines? The plastic-free lifestyle starter bundle is the perfect present.

3: Stocking fillers: Reusable straws, tote bags, planet friendly chocolate all make great stocking fillers.

4: Gifts not wrapped in plastic: Can you choose gifts that don’t come wrapped in plastic? Or maybe you just take your reusable bags with you and ditch the plastic shopping bags. Do we really need to have each item we buy in a separate plastic bag? Reusable bags are definitely the best thing to take on your shopping trip.

5: Planet friendly chocolate: There are heaps of planet friendly brands popping up these days my favourites are Loving Earth, Pana Chocolate and it’s also so easy to make your own or visit your local bulk food store for a package free option.

6: Support brands with the same values that you have: Check out their about page or their mission and vision page on their website. Are their values aligned with yours? Where you spend your money shows you are supporting a business and what it stands for, so make sure your money is going into something that you really believe in.

7: Donate instead of buying presents: One of my favourite gift ideas, last year I donated the amount I would spend on xmas presents to Take 3 – A clean beach initiative. I’ll be doing the same this year too. I support Take 3 because their values are also aligned with my own and they do amazing work educating children and working within the community. Legends!

8: Buy secondhand: This is a fantastic way to reuse, recycle and save money. There are so many awesome toys in the op shops, you could even try a local buy swap sell group. Second hand toys and gifts also come without the plastic packaging, winning!

9:Go on an adventure: My favourite! experiences are the best gift idea. You can create your own voucher for a bush walk experience or day out at the beach. There are also sites like Red Balloon that specialise in experiences.

10: Make your own gifts: When receiving a handmade gift I always feel so special, the thought and love that goes into anything handmade gives me the warm fuzzies.  I love hand making natural beauty products like lip balm, knitting headbands and making jewellery to gift to my family and friends. Check out these ideas for some DIY inspiration.


“Its not hard to give better gifts this Christmas. Use this guide to help you choose better. Make sure whatever you buy, you do it mindfully.. not because you feel you have to.”  – Jamie Van Jones


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Christmas fun:
Get some fresh air: The awesome part of having Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is having Christmas in summer time! The perfect time of year to get outside and connect with nature.  Head to the beach, park, go for a bush walk or a swim in the river.

DIY Xmas crackers: Avoid the crappy teeny tiny plastic things that no one ever uses inside your christmas crackers this year – you can make your own using toilet rolls and paper. You can fill them with love notes, family memories, family photos and your own jokes!

What to do with all that waste?

Got something you don’t want. Don’t throw it away, re-gift it or send it to the op shop. Maybe someone else will get more joy out of it than your wardrobe or cupboard space will.

There are always left overs on Christmas day. One way we can avoid food waste is to not over do the baking. That way there wont be as much left over. Make sure you eat your left overs instead of throwing them in the bin and freeze what you can for another day.

Be mindful of where your waste is going, can you recycle, reuse, up-cycle or compost any of it?

You are most likely going to come across some plastic. That is totally ok because you have done your best to avoid the single use plastic and make this Christmas the most eco-friendly yet, be proud of the effort you have made and feel that big juicy hug our mother earth is giving you. Our earth needs more people like you living lighter on our planet, your amazing! So don’t beat yourself up about any plastic you do come across and if you need some inspiration to get out of Eco overwhelm check out my blog on Words with heart to get you back on track.

Have so much fun, be kind and I’m wishing you a very merry Eco-Christmas!

Regan xx

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