Regan Jade | My Story
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My Story


Hey I’m Regan Jade,

I am so stoked you are here!
We have a lot in common you and me – we love having salty hair, sandy toes and getting stuck into our latest read while lazing on our beach towels. It’s fair to say we are both water babies with a deep connection to the big blue.

I believe that our health is inherently connected to the health of our oceans and mother earth.

 We are inseparable, and every action or interaction we have has an impact on our environment and the people around us.
I am on a mission to inspire women like you to live lighter on our planet and connect with our oceans while making it easy, fun, stylish and good for your health (because to me health is number one!)

My vision is to consciously create a pristine planet.

I will show you how to live with less plastic, create low-tox products for your home and beauty cabinet, share with you my favourite products and what I do everyday to reduce my environmental impact and how you can keep our oceans free of trash.
I have a degree in Marine Biology and I’m a certified Health Coach. When I’m not writing about living with less plastic and researching/testing new eco-friendly products for ‘The Eco Collection’ I can be found getting salty, snorkelling, diving, being a mermaid and picking up rubbish off my local beach.
 If you happen to find me out of the water I’ll be walking my gorgeous dog Gypsy, creating raw slices from my latest bulk food haul or drinking dandelion lattes at my local cafe.
If you’re dying to know more, here are 10 things you probably should know about me…
  1. I’m a Kiwi! Born and bred in beautiful New Zealand.
  2. I taught myself to knit watching Youtube videos, but I can only knit 2 things.. headbands and slippers (usually getting bored after the first slipper and not completing the set).
  3. I am totally in love with my dog Gypsy, she is my fur baby and she gets away with pretty much everything because she is so damn gorgeous.
  4. I have a major girl crush on Stephanie Gilmore #squadgoals.
  5. My favourite thing to do as a kid (and an adult) is play in the rock pools looking for cool creatures like crabs and small fish.
  6. The moment I have felt most alive was just after jumping out of a plane.
  7. My close friends and family call me Regs.
  8. I own 7 decks of oracle cards (love me some guidance from the universe).
  9. I wash my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.
  10. I am HSP (a highly sensitive person) which I’m only starting to embrace as a gift not a hindrance.

And if that’s not enough info about me, check out how being diagnosed with Endometriosis back in 2007 was the catalyst that changed my life and started me on my plastic-free journey.

Come over to my START HERE page for more information about where we can hang out,  learn more about living with less plastic and sign up for my free 14 day plastic detox.
I love meeting fellow ocean-sisters so if you want to say Hi send me an email at, I would love to hear from you.