Regan Jade | Happy Mother’s Day! 6 gift ideas that will get you brownie points with Mum and mother Earth!
6 Mothers day gift ideas that will earn you brownie points with mum and mother earth! Gift ideas that are eco friendly, fun, and mum will love.
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Happy Mother’s Day! 6 gift ideas that will get you brownie points with Mum and mother Earth!

Happy Mother’s Day! 6 gift ideas that will get you brownie points with Mum and mother Earth!

Do you want to surprise your mum with something out of the box that’s not going to be harmful to our oceans?


Mothers Day is just around the corner and I wanted to share with you some awesome ideas to inspire an Eco-friendly Mother’s Day.

We never really celebrated Mother’s Day growing up in my family. We were often told that it was just another day and an excuse to buy ‘stuff’. That we should show our loved ones we care about them any day of the year and not just one certain day.

I don’t buy my mum presents but If I do gift something it’s most likely a homemade card. I love making homemade cards!

But I know that soooo many ocean loving folks celebrate Mother’s Day and I would love to inspire your gift ideas with some ocean loving, Eco friendly gifts. So…I couldn’t help but write a little Mother’s Day wish list for you.  You can thank me later!

1: Loving Earth Chocolate

What is a Mother’s Day without chocolate?! Loving Earth chocolate is amazing. No one is going to say no to that. Loving earth has such a great philosophy that respects our health and the health of the planet. I love the fact they look at all areas of their business to be sustainable. They even use plant based packaging that is compostable! Delicious chocolate, no waste.

2: Joco cups

If you can’t tell by now, I love Joco cups… They are the best gift for all occasions… Find out here why I love them so much.

It’s the perfect eco-friendly gift for any Mum that loves a good cuppa.

3: Make something yourself

Mums love receiving handmade gifts! It’s unique and they appreciate the time and effort you have gone to make them a special gift. Plus you will earn brownie points! Get on Pinterest and check out this board I prepared for you!

4: Take your mum out to the local markets and cook some food together

I think this idea is epic! If you have a few hours to spend with your mum on Mother’s Day why not take her to your local farmers market, buy some local fresh produce (local is the bees knees) and make some lunch together.

Try this amazing looking Salad  from The Whole Daily

5: Head out to your local organic cafe for a bite to eat

Don’t have the time to go to the Farmers Market? Fair enough!
Head to your local organic or wholefood cafe for a date with your mum. If you’re in Melbourne I love a little organic cafe called Combi perfect place for a healthy bite to eat and some quality mum time.

6: Go for a beach walk:

I love going for beach walks with my mum, it’s the best way to spend time together in my book. It’s relaxing, you’re getting fresh air and you can chat about all sorts of things as you go. My mum and I love to beach comb. It’s fun finding random things in the sand and wondering where they came from, and at the same time we are cleaning up the beach. Take it to the next level and go bare foot for an extra relaxing, grounding experience together.

P.S Happy Mothers day Mum, Love you to the moon and back! xx



How are you planning to celebrate Mothers Day? I would love to know so pop it in the comments..

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