Regan Jade | 5 easy ways to get your partner to support your toxic free lifestyle
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5 easy ways to get your partner to support your toxic free lifestyle

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5 easy ways to get your partner to support your toxic free lifestyle

You’ve just made an amazing new DIY Toxic free spray for the toilet.. your as proud as punch! “Yes! Im awesome at this toxic free, good for the planet stuff!” in no time you’re going to have the whole house toxic free! You’re feeling like an absolute legend!

Then BOOM! The next thing you know your man walks through the door with some conventional toilet cleaner. Wrapped in plastic and then wrapped in more plastic. You know… like the little round green things that stick on your toilet bowl. The ones that reek of toxic chemical, fake fragrance smell. That scent that your sensitive little nose can now pick up a mile away.

Your pulling your hair out, you feel like all your hard work has just smoke bombed out the door and your back to square one trying to detox your home and reduce the amount of waste coming in.
Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel!

I’ve been detoxing my home for a while now. It’s been a crazy journey navigating my way around pinterest to find the best DIY cleaning product recipes (and getting sucked into the pinterest vortex for hours… Yes we’ve all been there!). Ive also created my own recipes with some mega fails and some epic wins.

I made the switch from conventional products to natural products because I had learned about their hormone disrupting properties (1) (2) and having had endometriosis I knew it would only be a good switch for my health. Then a few years ago we got a gorgeous little puppy called gypsy and I didn’t want to be exposing her to toxic chemicals either.
I usually clean most of the house with vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. Super easy and I’ve been doing this for years and it works a treat.
I can’t remember the last time we bought any conventional cleaning products, if we do buy anything its an eco friendly product like Eco-Store (3).
Just as I thought it was all rainbows and dolphins in my cleaning cupboard, feeling pretty good about reducing the amount of waste coming into my home and that my man had taken a leap onto the eco-bandwagon and he was riding it smoothly….. BOOM!

He comes home with some conventional toxic toilet spray.

So what do you do when YOU want to make a make your home toxic free but your loved ones aren’t on board yet?

Here are my Top 5 ways to get your partner living your toxic free lifestyle now
1. Let them know this is YOUR journey:

Yes we want everyone to jump on board and save the planet but not everyone is motivated for the same reasons that motivate you. Letting your loved ones know WHY you are wanting to reduce toxins in your life will help them better understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and they will be more inclined to jump on board.

2. Express your gratitude for their thoughtfulness:

Let them know how grateful you are about the fact they have gone out of their way to keep the house clean. Even though they might have brought home the product you would not have chosen, the fact they bought home something in the first place in pretty awesome!

3. Let your loved ones know what you’re trying to achieve:

Let them know how much you love the ocean and how much you value your own health. Tell them how much pollution is affecting our oceans and the impact toxic chemicals can have on our health and environment. And don’t forget to let them know that you are trying to reduce your impact and role in these issues (4).

4. Walk your talk:

By practicing what you preach you will inevitably inspire your loved ones and they will be jumping on the bandwagon in no time.

5. Suggest alternatives:

If your man doesn’t know the best eco friendly options to buy he is probably not going to stand in the cleaning aisle and read all the labels until he makes a decision on the best choice right? Probably not..
Let him know your top picks. Or better yet do some research together. That way if you need him to pick some up on his way home you won’t need to stress about the impact on your health and the oceans!



How do you get your partner onboard with your ocean friendly lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below!


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